Watch brides search for designer deals alongside dress discounters, Rick & Leslie DeAngelo.  Season 2 of I Found The Gown is on the air.  D.T. Slouffman produced 5 of this season's episodes.

NCAA Basketball

November 22-23 on Tru TV

Tournament of Roses Parade

January 1, 2014 on ABC

D.T. Slouffman will take the field once again as a part of the following telecasts:


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17 Years of Truth Telling

Richly experienced, award-winning storyteller D.T. Slouffman has breathed life into hundreds of hours of television, including sports features, reality television series, in-depth interviews and documentaries.  He's a message maker looking to work with risk takers.  Let's have story time together!

NBA Basketball

November 14, December 5 &12 on TNT

Still re-airing:

You can probably catch one of D.T.'s episodes of A Baby Story, Baby's First Day and Make Room For Multiples weekdays on TLC.

Many of D.T.'s episode from seasons 6-9 of Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? can be streamed on Netflix.