• Five Emmy wins
  • Twelve Emmy Nominations
  • 2012 Distinguished Young Alumni Award recipient: Asbury University
  • Numerous appointments as a guest lecturer or panelist
  • Adjunct documentary instructor: the King's College in Manhattan, NY 

It's been an honor

Achievements through the years

My television work has been the catalyst for various recognitions along the way all of which have generated an enormous sense of gratitude within me for the blessing and recognition of hard work done well.

Jon Stewart did his best to not be so funny when we produced a satire-free network promo package with him.  He failed miserably; his wit came through!


2003, 2011 & 2012

Upon leaving ABC, I relaunched my career as an independent producer.  As a hired gun, the first big project I was able to sink my teeth into was a documentary for Lifetime television for which I shared researching and writing duties.  The documentary focused on the subterfuge and lies surrounding the pairs figure skating competition of the Salt Lake Olympic Winter Games and the infamous French judge.  In subsequent years, I co-produced a five-hour documentary look at the trecherous terrain and travails

Reality Television


After finishing my first documentary for Lifetime Television in 2003, I was empowered to produce, direct and write longer formatted stories.  Thus, I began story producing and field directing episodes of docu-style reality television and entertainment programming, including numerous specials, series pilots and season premiers, including these:

Jim McKay scans copy that I wrote for him before the start of the 1997 Kentucky Derby.
Steve Young, Chris Berman and I captured the moment at Super Bowl XXXIV in Atlanta.
  • Wide World of Sports
  • Monday Night Football (inc. Super Bowl XXXIV)
  • The Indy Racing League (inc. 5 Indy 500s)
  • Grand Prix of Figure Skating
  • NASCAR (inc. 3 Brickyard 400s)
  • The Bowl Championship Series
  • PAC 10 & Big 10 college football
  • The Rose Bowl & Tournament of Roses Parade
  • Little League World Series
  • Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Horse Racing
  • PGA tour (inc. the 2000 Open Championship)

ABC Sports


My television career took flight at the "house that Roone Arledge built."  First as a freelancer and, ultimately, a staffer, ABC Sports was my training ground.  I began as a stage manager and writer, moved up to font coordinator and animation designer (receiving my 1st Emmy Nomination for "Outstanding Graphic Design" for ABC's figure skating package) and finished my ABC days as a feature producer.  My time at the network included work on the following properties:

This panel discussion called "The Art of Storytelling in the 21st Century" was held at the CBS Broadcast Center.  Filmmaker Andrew Hunt and correspondent Megan Alexander joined me.
  • Scandal on Thin Ice (Lifetime)
  • The Iditarod- The Last Great Race (OLN)
  • Next on the Tee (Turner for CBS)
  • The Arc of Triumph (Turner for CBS)

This program announced the honor for which I am most proud.  My Alma mater presented me with its Distinguished Young Alumni Award in 2012.  One of the criteria is that the recipient must be under forty years old.  I made the cut by a scant few years!
Directing, celeb stylist, June Ambrose's VH1 reality series Styled By June, was all glam all the time.
I'm holding the first newborn featured on the TLC reality series Baby's First Day, which I directed at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

of the Iditarod Great Sled Race followed by two summers spent producing and directing portions of multiple one-hour documentaries for CBS.

Directing famed primatologist, Jane Goodall was too good to be true.  She provided me with on-camera narration and gave one of the best reads I've ever recorded!

Independent Producer

Sports Features, Teases, Promos, Entertainment & AD work


As an independent producer, director, writer and tape AD, I have continued to seek venues such as sports features, teases and reports to tell amazing stories of perseverance, anguish and triumph.  However, in addition to dividing my hours at work between reality television and sports broadcasting, I've also been able to expand my production repertoire with industrial and promotional projects as well as to dabble in intimate rock & roll performance direction.  Here's a look at some additional gigs that I've cultivated over the last eleven years:

I agreed to keep mum about much of what I saw while directing a documentary shoot in Nike's secret R & D site "the Oven."

17 Years of Truth Telling and Truthiness


  • The Chase: Track Down (Court TV)
  • Rebuilt: The Human Body Shop (Discovery Networks)
  • Dream Job (ESPN Original Entertainment)
  • Under 1 Roof (HGTV)
  • Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? (Style)
  • Dangerous Curves (Spike TV)
  • Married Away (Style)
  • Dr. G: Medical Examiner (Discovery Networks)
  • A Baby Story (TLC)
  • Make Room For Multiples (TLC)
  • Baby's First Day (TLC)
  • The Lottery Changed My Life (TLC)
  • Styled By June (VH1)
  • I Found the Gown (TLC)


  • The Sheriff (True Entertainment/Endemol)
  • Trade-Off (True Entertainment/Endemol)


  • Games of the XXX Olympiad (NBC/Universal)
  • 2002 Salt Lake Olympic Winter Games (TSN Canada)
  • Thursday Night NBA (TNT)
  • MLB All-Star Selection Show (TBS)
  • MLB Postseason (TBS)
  • NCAA men's basketball tournament (CBS, TBS, TNT, Tru)
  • NBA Playoffs (TBS)
  • Saturday Night College Football (ESPN on ABC)
  • College Football Studio Show (ESPN on ABC)
  • Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (USA)
  • U.S. Open Tennis Championship (USA)
  • Inside the NBA (TNT)
  • Game Time (NBA TV)
  • Tournament of Roses Parade (ABC)
  • Wendy's Three-Tour Challenge (ABC)
  • Champ Car World Series (CBS, NBC, Speed)
  • Thursday Night Lacrosse (Versus)
  • Grand Prix of Figure Skating (Lifetime)
  • U.S. Figure Skating Championships (ESPN/ESPN2)
  • World Figure Skating Championships (ESPN/ESPN2)
  • European Figure Skating Championships (ESPN/ESPN2)


  • James Blunt concert (CBS)
  • Train concert (CBS)


  • Colbert Report (CTV)
  • The Daily Show (CTV)
  • Law & Order (CTV)
  • Law & Order: SVU (CTV)
  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent (CTV)


  • MLB ALCS Essays (SI.com)
  • NBA Playoff reports & interviews (NBA.com)


  • Budweiser
  • Landshark
  • Kawasaki
  • Coca-Cola