The Chase: Track Down-
Series Pilot

This series was one of the first to attempt the "docu-game" genre of reality television.  The concept placed everyday people in the situation of escaped fugitives shackled and on the run with trackers in hot pursuit.  The "fugitives" objective was to cross the Mojave Desert, reaching a hidden finish line while avoiding capture.  I co-directed the series pilot and acted as creative producer.
The Sheriff-
The Fugitive Warrant Squad

I produced and directed this reality series pilot, brimming with the courageous, often high-octane exploits of the Passaic County Sheriff's Department in New Jersey.  In this particular segment, my crew and I documented a night on the town with the warrant squad and wound up in hot pursuit of a fugitive trying to outrun justice.
The Lottery Changed My Life-
The Fickes

Leroy and Jeff Ficke are without question the craziest pair of characters I have ever met on the job.  While directing this episode, I was amazed at the unintentionally humorous everyday existence of this lottery winner and his son.  At some point, I wanted to go, "You're putting me on."  Alas, they weren't.  What you see is what you get!
A Baby Story-
A Chicago Home Birth

Of the many episodes I produced or directed of A Baby Story and its various spin-off series, I was always fascinated by the parents who buck convention and choose to engage birth on their terms. This episode showcased a Chicago family experiencing their child's entrance into the world through a water birth in their apartment.
Rebuilt: The Human Body Shop-
Jessica's Story

Along with five others, I produced and wrote this episode of the docu-reality series Rebuilt: The Human Body Shop.  This particular story was my favorite of all.  It tells the story of Jessica, a grader, on a quest to walk.  The series focused on the family-run prosthetic center tasked with creating a lower torso and a set of legs for this special girl.

Real Characters, Real Stories

The New Yorker, May 9, 2011

Below is a smattering of the amorphous, genre-bending work that I have been privileged to produce and direct under the banner of "reality."  Enjoy!

I Found the Gown-
Two Very Different Brides

It's always challenging when I produce a series featuring two or three stories that constantly weave between one another.  This snippet from I Found the Gown is a great example of characters, stories and tonethat are truly different but blend well together.
Married Away-
South African Wedding/Nigerian Manhunt

I worked on location in Africa to produce, direct and write this hour-long special episode of the Style series Married Away, in which an American bride and groom choose to wed in the South African bush in honor of the bride's family heritage.  As their wedding day approaches, a local adventurer is hired to track down her long lost father in Nigeria.
Baby's First Day- Emergency

Two new moms-to-be arrive at Vanderbilt, one ready to deliver her child and one hoping things come to a screeching halt!  I produced this episode of Baby's First Day which includes one of the most exciting opening acts of the series.