2013 MLB Postseason

Open Your Eyes and See

These videos showcase champions & legends, faithful family members, dirty judges and those who simply love games or treacherous terrain.  Nothing so quickly captures and conveys the highs and lows of life like chronicled human competition. 

And... when their playing days are done, nothing compares to a talk or drive with one of our heroes.

Here you will find fascinating births, unbelievable wedding stories, mean streets excitement, medical marvels and the craziest characters living in the real world.  But then, that IS reality, right?

Tune in to TBS for the major league baseball postseason, featuring any necessary regular season Tiebreaker games followed by The N.L. Wild Card Game on Tuesday, October 1st and the American League Wild Card Game on Wednesday, October 2nd. 

The MLB Division Series will run from Thursday, October 3rd through Thursday, October 10th, with two potential Game Fives on both Wednesday, October 9th and Thursday, October 10th. TBS will air 18 of the potential 20 Division Series games.

The National League Championship Series will be broadcast exclusively on TBS and will begin on Friday, October 11th.