The Inconceivable Champion: Jeff Sluman

I produced and directed this inside-look at the 1988 PGA Championship and the unlikeliest of winners, Jeff Sluman, who with true and some unique advice captured his only Major Championship.  This story is part of the documentary "Arc of Triumph."
Scandal On Thin Ice

In the wake of the Olympic judging scandal at the Salt Lake Games, I researched and co-wrote this investigative documentary, focusing on the now infamous competition and its immediate aftermath. 
The Fast Lane with
Craig Sager & Mario Andretti

The  NBA Eastern Conference Finals match-up between the Pacers and the Heat brought us to Indiana on Memorial Day weekend.  Going to the speedway was a non-negotiable!  With the help of my old friend Mario Andretti, I produced and directed what Craig Sager now calls "the ride of his life."
Paul Newman & Mario Andretti:
Legacy pt.1

As the supervising feature producer for the Champ Car World Series, I produced and directed a series of four features chronicling the Newman/Haas open wheel racing team. It was a thrill to spend a few afternoons with Paul Newman and Mario Andretti and to hear the stories of their unlikely partnership and thereafter friendship.

Quest to Be the Best

My old friend, Jim McKay bellowed these iconic if not melodramatic phrases every Saturday and Sunday afternoon, cueing that amazing anthology series to roll into America's collective living room.  What made Wide World stand out against the weekend television landscape of its time was not merely the on-field competition but the opportunity to see every endeavor through the eyes of the competitors.  Their stories were the entry way through which each event unfolded.  This is where I learned to craft sports features and teases for broadcast.  It was always about the stories behind the game, whenever possible from the mouths of the protagonists. I still love to tell these stories!  In fact, to tell them, I've traversed the country and the globe.  Here are some selections from the past decade...

The Wish and the Seven Iron:
Shaun Micheel's Story

Shaun Micheel isn't a household name, but after hitting the greatest shot in the history of the PGA Championship, he would spin the power of that moment into a life changing force for children in need of a little magic.  I produced and directed this portion of the documentary "Arc of Triumph."
Dwyane Wade & Derrick Rose:
Family Matters

I produced and directed this look into the lives of two NBA superstars as told from the viewpoint of the siblings who loved and protected them from the grim streets of Chicago's South Side. 
A Look Back: Wide World of Sports
& The American Sportsman

I produced and directed this feature for ESPN on ABC's coverage of the Great Outdoor Games.  The recollections of Jim McKay and Curt Gowdy illuminated the historical landscape that ultimately became broadcast  "outdoor-style" competition.
Mirror Images:
Manu Ginobili and James Harden

Manu Ginobili has long been the most revered 6th man in the NBA's Western Conference.  However, as the 2012 Western Conference Finals unfolded, he saw a carbon copy of his style and play in the Thunder's James Harden.  I produced, researched, and directed this interview driven breakdown for TNT.
A Conversation With the Outside King

I produced and directed this Ray Allen/Craig Sager conversation piece.  The focus is Ray's assault on the record books, his never-miss shot, obsessive tendencies and, of course, his legacy.
Derrick Rose...
An MVP and His Mother

I produced and directed this intimate conversation piece between David Aldridge, Derrick Rose and Derrick's mother Brenda.   The NBA gave the 2011 MVP Award to Rose on Mother's Day weekend, wrapping up a dream season for the young Bulls' point guard who experienced a rough childhood with the woman who loves him most always in his corner. 
The Last Great Race

I co-produced and co-wrote this five-hour long documentary event following the Iditarod Great Sled Race.  This unique storytelling approach was a departure from previous straightforward attempts to cover the iconic race.  The inspiring and sometimes perilous tales of the mushers and their dogs are truly captivating.
Bobby Unser's Diamond in the Desert

I produced, directed, and wrote this tease for a Champ Car World Series race at the Las Vegas Super Speedway.  It features a cameo appearance and narration from the living legend- Bobby Unser, winner of Champ Car's first Vegas race in 1968.  This teased opened NBC Sport's coverage of the CCWS race.
Starting the Amazing Race

This was the opening segment to the second-hour of the Iditarod documentary event coverage.  I co-produced and co-wrote this documentary-style look at one of the most grueling races in the world and the crown jewel of Alaskan sport.
The Chocolate Thunder: Darryl Dawkins

For three seasons, I produced the features and teases for Dream Job, the ESPN reality game show.  This is one of the many personality vignettes packaged during season four's NBA challenge.  It was a dream come true to direct Darryl Dawkins every week and get him, on this occasion, to recite his famous Chocolate Thunder riff.
Inside The NBA: Thompson Time Out with Steve Nash & Grant Hill

During the 2010 Western Conference Finals, legendary NCAA coach, John Thompson conducted this exclusive sit-down interview with Phoenix Suns tandem Steve Nash and Grant Hill.  The conversation unpacked each player's struggles and never-ending quest for an NBA Championship.  I produced, researched, and directed this feature for Inside the NBA.